Seven Ways to Avoid the Customers You Don’t Want!

Originally posted in 2020 on LinkedIn, here

Have an FAQ page that is as concise and blunt as possible, and update/improve it every time some inventive fool manages to evade the clear meaning of the text.

  1. Don’t list a phone number on your website. I shouldn’t have to tell you this in 2022.
  2. Compose clear, unequivocal, pre-made email responses to common requests that you want to reject/redirect, and then use them at the earliest opportunity.
  3. Remove Springfield XD pistols from your product line.
  4. Stop offering custom prints.
  5. Learn to say no and mean it, without apologizing or hedging. No more “not at this time” or “unfortunately, we don’t” etc.
  6. Raise your prices. This is not hard. Do it.
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