Flint – AIWB/IWB holster for concealed carry

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Our minimalist, foldover style holster with loops that are made out of Biothane Super-Flex webbing, assembled in-house with genuine Pull-the-Dot snaps. The Concealment Kick on the back of the holster both tips the muzzle out away from body and rotates the grip in towards the user’s hip, improving concealment.

Flint compatibility guide | here

PHLster Enigma: You can now purchase your Flint fully assembled with a PHLster Enigma Standard | Learn More

(64 customer reviews)

Vibra-Tite Threadlocker

Vibra-Tite VC-3: Our recommended solution for locking your holster hardware in place.

5ml, multi-use tube

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Check out the video below to learn more about the available attachment options for the Flint Holster.


The Flint is a minimalist, foldover style holster with loops that are made out of Biothane Super-Flex webbing, assembled in-house with genuine Pull-the-Dot snaps. The Concealment Kick on the back of the holster both tips the muzzle out away from body and rotates the grip in towards the user’s hip, improving concealment.


Compatibility Guide

Flint holsters are available only for right handed carry. We do not offer left handed holsters.

On our dual-loop holsters, both ride height and cant are adjustable, so these will perform very well both in AIWB and IWB Strongside positions.

If you prefer Overhooks, select the DCC Mod4 1.5in w/ Modwing option which includes our modular concealment wing. Flint holsters’ blocking mounting pattern is compatible with Griphooks* and Overhooks from Raven Concealment, G Code, TacWare, Hazmat Holster Works and Discreet Carry Concepts.

Our M&P Holster fits 1.0, 2.0 and 2.0 Compact, with or without the thumb safety.

Our M&P Shield holster DOES NOT fit the Shield Plus. Please do not order it if you have a Plus!

Our Glock AIWB Holster fits all Gen 2-4 double-stack Glocks in 9/40/357Sig and Gen5 pistols in 9mm. It does NOT fit Gen 5 pistols in .40 S&W. It is also NOT recommended for use with any Shadow Systems pistols.

Our FN 509 Holster is cut to length to fully cover the threaded barrel on a 509 Tactical and is compatible with the Tactical, Full Size, Midsize MRD and Compact MRD versions.

Our Sig P320 Holster is cut to the Full Size length, but can fit standard or X grip modules in Full, Compact and Carry sizes. It is not compatible with the Subcompact grip module.

All Flint holsters are optics ready, and fit common optics from Trijicon, Aimpoint, Holosun, Leupold, Sig Sauer, Vortex, and Swampfox.

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*Flint holsters are no longer available with 1.5in or 1.75in griphooks

Looking for a holster that’s compatible with a different gun? Let us know


Returns and Restocking Fee

If you don’t like your new holster, you may return it within 30 days, in “like new” condition, for a full refund, minus shipping and any incurred “Restocking Fee”. For more details please see our FAQs

Additional information

Weight 5.5 oz
Gun Model

Glock 17/19/26, M&P 9/40 1.0, 2.0, and 2.0c, M&P Shield 9/40 1.0 or 2.0 (NOT SHIELD PLUS), CZ P10c, CZ P09/P07, Sig P320, FN 509


Dual Soft Loop with ModWing (Non-Tuckable), Dual DCC Mod4 1.5 Inch Universal w/ Modwing (+$20)


Full, Partial

64 reviews for Flint – AIWB/IWB holster for concealed carry

  1. JC (verified owner)

    Me: male, athletic build, 5’7″, 160lbs. This fixed retention (excellent from factory with solid retention and brisk presentation and no extra hardware to loosen or lose) full-size holster on its own with soft loops or combined with PHLster Enigma allows me to carry G17 in classic fitting T-shirt and shorts or traditional jeans (no baggies required with this rig, I wear cowboy cuts that fit). G19 is even easier. The full length of this holster does a fantastic job fighting the keel effect of the G19 and the wing tucks the grip of either pistol in very tightly (smaller wing for me, but holster ships with short and tall – nice!). The molded in wedge is just about perfect and requires no additional material for my build (would be easy to add wedge of your choice if needed).

    In the past I only carried G17 in winter as the grip was too difficult to conceal on my frame without winter shirt/jacket. I could conceal the G19 in a lesser holster during hotter months, but not ideal as occasional grip print occurred. Now I can carry the G17 in summer attire.

    Henry customer service has been excellent and due to the quality and high utility of this holster, I have now bought two of these holsters. I am impressed enough that I will be buying more as gifts.

  2. Rod Headley (verified owner)

    Bought this for my m&p 2.0 compact 4 inch barrel I gotta say it’s the best holster I’ve had fit and finish is top notch no blemishes at all. I ordered it with soft loops then about a week later I ordered the dcc clips I like both loops or dcc clips you can fine tune better with the dcc clips though. I need to get me a muzzle pad to build the wedge up about a 1/2 inch but that’s not a problem though everyone’s made different is the way I look at that. The fixed retention is perfect you get a nice positive click when ya slide the pistol in the holster it’s not coming out. I’m pleased and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good holster shipping is very quick had it 3 days after order was placed. Now I need to get one for my m&p shield. Oh and also if you have any questions drop Henry a message and he gets right back to you very quickly very good customer service.

  3. John Herbst

    I have used holsters from dozens of manufacturers over the years. No one, and I mean no one, puts as much thought, care, and commitment into their products than Henry Holsters. From the selection of material, to the precision with which they are formed into the final products, to the built in features, Henry Holster products stand head and shoulders above all the rest. The various belt options, the built in wedge on the backside, and the distinctive “click” letting you know your weapon is securely holstered are all hallmarks of these fine products. I wish that these holsters were made for a wider variety of models, but I understand the need to keep things streamlined. If I require a holster for a firearm that is supported here, these products are always my first choice. A big thank you to Andrew and his staff for their caring and commitment to quality.

  4. RC (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and quick fulfillment. I don’t think the molded ‘kickout’ is the way to go. The surface area of the kick out is too small (creates a hotspot on its own) and complicates adding additional wedging materials. In spite of that I’ll probably be back for my Glock and CZ. Love the canting, happy with the wing. Professional package through and through.

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