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Henry Holsters has been making quality holsters, right here in Indiana, since 2008. In fact, many of the features, components and techniques that are common in the thermoformed holster world were pioneered in the Henry Holsters workshop. From developing concealment hardware like the ModWing to creating benchmark designs for optimum conceal carry techniques we are committed to delivering holsters that are truly durable, practical, comfortable and above all else, absolutely dependable.

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Our Process

Our thermoformed holsters are made out of Boltaron™ which we prefer over standard Kydex or other thermoplastics. Henry Holsters are formed using custom made, precision molds and then trimmed and shaped on state-of-the-art CNC mills to ensure consistency in our process. Each holster is hand-finished, individually test-fitted and comes equipped with the most dependable and comfortable attachment options to best suit your needs.

Our Holsters


The Spark is our “light-bearing” holster line. This holster is designed to securely hold your firearm by perfectly gripping the light attachment. The retention (or grip) is adjustable to give the desired amount of resistance to hold your firearm securely in the holster while remaining ready at a moment’s notice. The Spark is available for various Glock models (equipped with Streamlight TLR-1, TLR-7/7A and Surefire X300U lights) and the FN 509 (equipped with Streamlight TLR-7/7A).


Flint and Flint Compact are minimalist, “foldover” style holsters (meaning they are made from a single piece of Boltaron™ folded over). This method yields extremely sturdy, lightweight holsters and eliminates many of the hardware durability issues of standard “pancake” style holsters. A built-in wedge on the back side of the holster is designed to rotate the grip of the firearm in toward your body to minimize printing through your clothing. Flint and Flint Compact holsters are available for a wide range of standard and compact model firearms from Glock, M&P, CZ, Sig and FN.


Ember, the ultimate companion for your compact handgun with a Streamlight TLR-7 Sub weapon light.

Precision-crafted for all-day comfort and discreet concealment, this IWB/AIWB holster effortlessly blends into your daily routine. With its adjustable design, Ember offers the versatility to adapt to your lifestyle, ensuring your gun is always within reach and perfectly secure. Discover why Ember is the perfect fit for every part of your day.


Cipher: a streamlined, ultra-slim ambidextrous holster designed for every day comfort and concealment.

Precision-crafted for all-day comfort and discreet concealment, this IWB/AIWB holster effortlessly blends into your daily routine.

Flint from Henry Holsters

Warranty and returns

We offer a 30 day return window for all our holsters along with a lifetime warranty. If you try one of our holsters and find that it doesn’t work for you, we are happy to offer you a refund (minus the cost of shipping). 

Holsters must be returned in like-new condition and may not show signs of customer modification. We want you to be happy with your new holster and we understand that everyone’s preferences are different. If your holster wears out or breaks in the course of normal use, we’ll replace it. To request a return or file a warranty claim please contact us here


There is a lot of time and effort that goes into designing, prototyping and developing new holsters and products good enough to carry the Henry Holsters name. We can’t make everything but we’d love to hear what firearm or gun/light combination you’re looking for. Let us know here.

Wholesale orders

So you want to stock Henry Holsters in your shop… we couldn’t be more thrilled! Contact us here for wholesale pricing and orders.