Welcome to Henry Holsters. Made in Indiana since 2008, Henry Holsters are thermoformed plastic holsters that combine careful design work with robust materials and painstaking attention to detail. We use Boltaron 4332 sheet material for all our holsters, as we prefer the workability and feel of Boltaron over Kydex.

Our shop uses state-of-the-art CNC milling machines and vacuum forming machines to produce holster shells which are then hand finished and assembled right here in the USA.

From our flagship, light-bearing, Spark holster to the sleek minimalism of our AIWB/IWB Flint Compact, Henry Holsters are built to exceed your expectations in both comfort and performance. Details make all the difference between a holster that functions acceptably, and one that functions exceptionally.

DEALER INQUIRY: If you are interested in carrying our line of holsters, please contact us.

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