POM Pepper Spray

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The POM Clip from Henry Holsters

Compact design easily clips into any pocket, handbag or backpack for everyday carry (with added Heat-Shrink for maximum grip).

Optimal size for discreet carry, POM Patented Flip-Top design allows the unit to be in both “safety” and “ready-to-fire” state at all times. Maximum strength formulation (1.40 % M.C. ) with HLPC testing provides consistent heat performance.

Safe, accurate, and easy-to-use, recognized by elite trainers across the country as the go-to self-defense spray on the market. POM seamlessly integrates into your everyday life.

Add-on: Don’t forget to include a POM Practice unit with your order!

Made in the USA

Distributed by Henry Holsters

*Cannot ship outside the US or to Washington DC, Massachusetts, Alaska, Hawaii, New York or Puerto Rico.

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POM Practice Inert Unit

Practice Inert Unit (water/alcohol solution) for use with POM Pepper Spray unit


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