The Firearm Blog | Fight Germs at SHOT with the OCD: On-Demand Cleanliness Dispenser

Posted: January 9, 2020

On-Demand Cleanliness Dispensers in multiple colors

SHOT Show is massive. Last year roughly 2,400 exhibitors showed up to cover 700,000 square feet of space (that equals about 12 football fields) at Las Vegas’ Sands Expo and Convention Center. They set up shop over approximately 12 miles of booth aisles and hauled in more than 7 million pounds of goods, including 15,000 firearms of all shapes and sizes. What draws so much attention every year? It’s the $8 billion firearms industry’s diehard fans and ambassadors attending this convention from all over the world ““ upwards of 60,000 such attendees in 2019! When you bring that many people into close proximity, one inexorable consequence is the spread of communicable disease.

As any seasoned SHOT Show veteran can attest, it is not at all unusual to come down with cold-and-flu-like symptoms commonly referred to as the “SHOT Show crud”, “SHOT Show flu”, or as one friend comically declared to me during my first year attending, “SHOT Show AIDS”. Fortunately, the Indiana-based holster-smiths over at Henry Holsters have come up with a tacti-cool tool to fight off those Vegas cooties (well, at least the airborne ones). If you’re going to SHOT 2020 this January 21st-24th and want to give your hands a sanitary boost on the show floor, try Henry Holsters’ OCD: On-demand Cleanliness Dispenser.

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