Spark AIWB/IWB Light-Bearing Holster

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***All our Light-Bearing AIWB/IWB holsters now come standard with the ModWing L concealment wing.***

***All Spark holsters are fully compatible with the PHLster Light Bearing Enigma (LBE)***

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Check out the video below to learn more about the available attachment options for the Spark Holster.

***All our Spark Light-Bearing AIWB/IWB holsters now come standard with the ModWing L concealment wing.***

Spark holsters are available only for right handed carry. We do not offer left handed holsters.

The Spark is a minimalist, foldover style holster that attaches with two snap loops. The loops are made from Biothane Super-Flex webbing, and assembled in-house with genuine Pull-the-Dot snaps. The Concealment Kick on the back of the holster both tips the muzzle out away from body and rotates the grip in towards the user’s hip, improving concealment. Holsters for the X300, TLR1, and TLR7 have adjustable retention which can be fine tuned by the pair of screws next to the light-channel.

Our dual loop holsters are adjustable for both ride height and cant.

Holsters for the TLR7 are cut at the length of the light so they’ll cover the muzzle of a G19 or a standard FN 509, but a comped G19, a G17 or a 509T will extend beyond the open muzzle of the holster.

Our FN 509 holsters are compatible with the Tactical, Full Size, Midsize MRD and Compact MRD versions.

All of our Light-bearing holsters also have blocking to accept a pair of Griphook tuckable overhooks. You can add a pair of these overhooks along with the required hardware to attach them to any light-bearing holster order. Overhooks from Raven Concealment, G Code, TacWare, Hazmat Holster Works and Discreet Carry Concepts are also compatible with our mounting pattern.

All Spark holsters are optics ready, and fit common optics from Trijicon, Aimpoint, Holosun, Leupold, Sig Sauer, Vortex, and Swampfox.

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29 reviews for Spark AIWB/IWB Light-Bearing Holster

  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    Uncomfortable, hard to conceal a large gun, NOT this holster!

    I honestly was worried about the added bulk of carrying a weapon light and when I saw the size of the holster I thought my imagination was correct but I can”™t say how wrong I was. This holster is the best concealing and comfortable holster I have ran even comparing to non light bearing holsters.

    The holster is quality built and I added the DCC Mod 4 clips to the setup and it is perfect. Since the holster conceals so well I often find myself carrying a 19x or 34 rather than my usual 19 since the design works so well (something I would have never done in the past). High quality and every mm of the holster is designed with a purpose!

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    I use this for appendix carry for a Glock 34 and a TRL-1 HL light. I”™ve been very happy with this holster. The wing helps with concealment a lot. The main reason I selected this holster was for the option of using Discreet Carry Concepts spring steel clips. The clips are some of the best available attachment options, they are very low profile and sturdy while not allowing the holster to come off unless you want to remove it. If you are interested in using these clips, make sure to let Andrew know so he can add in the proper hardware.
    My only small complaint is the built in wedge isn”™t enough for my body type. So I added some Velcro sticky back tape to it and added the Dark Star Gear appendix wedge. That makes it as concealable as possible and I”™m able to fine tune to placement of the wedge for my clothes and body shape.

  3. Erik (verified owner)

    Great holster that fulfilled everything I wanted.
    Its great you can get it with loops. This seems like a rare option on most websites.
    It’s comfortable considering its light bearing. You’ll need a rigid belt.

  4. Bill (verified owner)

    I have this holster for my G45 with a TLR7. Great holster. Comfortable and conceals well. No issues. My second Henry holster.

  5. Grant (verified owner)

    This holster is great, i was searching for a long time to find a holster for a 509 w/ a tlr7 that was also optic cut and this one is the money. It conceals well and is comfortable, lots of adjustment to get it exactly where you want it and has very nice retention. When i meed another holster for any of my guns ill be back for more.

  6. Brian (verified owner)

    This is my everyday holster for my Gen 4 Glock 19 w/surefire X300U-A, KKM barrel w/comp, RMR and suppressor height sights (a poor man’s Roland Special). The holster is very well made and easily adjusted to fit how I carry, which is either strong side or apex. There were no burs or flaws anywhere on the holster and the fit, retention, draw and concealment were excellent. In my search for a IWB holster for this particular pistol I came across several companies offering similar products only to find incredibly deceptive lead times and business practices. Henry Holsters is the exact opposite of those companies. If the product is on his website, it is ready to ship. I have been very impressed so far with Andrew’s craftmanship as well as service. He can give Raven Concealment a run for it’s money, and I am a huge fan of Raven. I highly recommend Henry Holsters to anyone who appreciates quality holsters and service. I will definitely be buying from Andrew in the future.

  7. Chris M. (verified owner)

    The holster quality is top notch.

    The biggest thing that has me taking my time to write a review is the customer service. I sent a message asking for some clarification on holster specs. The message was answered within a couple of hours (not days like other companies). I placed my order in the morning, it was shipped that evening. I placed my order just prior to a sale. The next day I get an unexpected email that a refund has been issued to me. A follow up email explained that I had ordered just prior to a sale starting, so he was giving me the sale price.

    Again, the holster quality is excellent. But, the customer service has likely earned this company a repeat customer, and a heavy advocate for anytime someone may ask for holster recommendations.

  8. Ronald Greenway (verified owner)

    Got my Spark last night and wore it all day today. The most comfortable light-bearing holster I have by far. Claw does its job well, no hot spots. Felt like I was carrying a smaller gun all day long.

  9. Glenn C. (verified owner)

    I’ve had the Spark for a little over two months and I use it to carry my FN 509T (X300U and RMR) at 3-4 O’clock IWB. This is my first 100% kydex IWB holster; I typically use hybrid kydex/leather holsters for IWB.

    The quality of this holster is excellent, no rough or partially finished edges. Reholstering is a easy, and an audible “snick” lets you know the pistol is fully seated. The sight channel is sized for the suppressor height sights that come on the 509T, and the “full” sweat guard ends exactly at the rear of the slide. The cut for the RMR is perfectly sized

    I’ve found that comfort is very dependent on position; a slight movement forward/backward to keep the holster from resting directly on my hip bone makes a huge difference over the course of a day. It’s a little thicker than a hybrid, but the retention is much better. And while it is thicker, Modwing/claw does a great job of forcing the grip towards your body and overall concealment is probably better than with a hybrid. I bought the optional Grip Hooks but I haven’t tried them yet since I have no need to remove the holster over the course of a day, and the pull the dot snap loops work very well. I also noticed that the snaps can serve as an index point; if my trigger finger is between the snaps during my presentation I have gripped the pistol correctly, at least on the vertical axis. I don’t know if that was a purposeful design, but it was initially helpful with a new pistol and holster.

    Overall this is a great holster. It will NOT end up in “the box of holsters that suck” and I don’t feel the need to even look at other IWB solutions.,

  10. Michael F (verified owner)

    recently received my Spark for Glock with TLR-1. shipped within 1 day. super fast. very impressive construction. overall top notch holster up there with the finest holster builders like JM Custom or Dark Star Gear.

  11. Monty Grubbs (verified owner)

    Excellent! Buy without hesitation.

    I”™ve been following Andrew Henry and his work via social media since he first started. He always seemed like a squared away, forward thinker. This was my first purchase from him and it shouldn”™t have taken me so long. It”™s just do to a personal hang up of mine. Anyway, the Spark is simply great. After carrying a gun for 19yrs, I know a thing or two and can spot a poor quality holster from across the room. The Spark is top shelf, high quality all the way. Smooth, positive retention, excellent forming, first-tier quality hardware, excellent thorough finishing. I didn”™t think carrying with a WML could be this easy/comfortable. You can buy with confidence from Henry. You won”™t regret it.

    Oh, that personal hang up of mine? I just need to get him to make me his holsters in orange kydex. Hey, I”™ll pay extra!

  12. Patrick Scott (verified owner)

    I”™ve dabbled in appendix carry before and it never quite worked for me. Too much printing or too uncomfortable. I wanted to give it another try while also adding a WML to the equation. I literally received my Spark for my Glock 19 and a TLR 1HL in the mail this afternoon, put the light on the gun, put the gun in the holster, put the holster on and hopped in the car for a 4.5 hour drive to St. Louis to bring my son home from college. I had no problems riding in the car at all. The holster prints less than my SW Shield. The additional length with the light works well for printing. No additional wedges or pads required. Thanks for marking a great product that has given me the ability to appendix carry in a way that”™s comfortable for me.

  13. Drake L (verified owner)

    509 with TLR7. My favorite holster. Got full sweat guard version and trimmed to my liking.Highly customizeable, make sure to get the clips and extra hardware. Thanks Henry Holsters!

  14. Max j (verified owner)

    Since AIWB became prevalent I always turned my nose up at it as it was never comfortable with any of the holsters I had. I normally carry at 3 or 4 oclock.

    I am amazed by how comfortable it is with my g19 and x300 u. I tried appendix with it and its it’s fantastic! Completely comfortable through a range of motion,

    Retention and adjustability are great, printing is minimal even with the optional tuckable struts that I am currently using.

    I was considering buying a holster twice the price of this and am now glad I diddnt. I’ll be using this holster for a long time to come.
    Buy with confidence

    Wow was I wrong

  15. Ben (verified owner)

    Got here fast. Also heavier/thicker material than I
    expected. Very nice!

    No sharp edges, especially at the end of the sweat guard. That has
    been a problem with other products.

    The extra molding on the inboard side of the muzzle end of the gun
    portion should keep the grip leaning back towards my body well too.
    Lots of thought went into this and it shows.

  16. PF (verified owner)

    Perfectly constructed product. Purchased for my FN 509c Tactical, fit and security are better than I could have imagined. Despite the form indexing on the light, I was curious and was able to tighten in such a fashion that allowed very secure carry even without the light. This may not work for other models but I think it”™s nice to know with my particular setup. With the light, it”™s a perfect package. Waiting on discreet carry clips and love that I was able to easily add the necessary hardware at checkout. Great materials, great construction, great function, incredibly prompt service and shipping. Will definitely be coming back.

  17. William (verified owner)

    I have 3 so I don’t need to say more about the quality of thr holsters. Im about to border a fourth for Sig 365. Great holsters!

  18. Ryan (verified owner)

    Been carrying my G19 in a Henry Flint Holster which I absolutely love and recently decided that I should really be running a weapon mounted light so it was an easy decision to get the Spark. If you are on the fence with appendix carry or have tried it previously with another holster and had a less than ideal experience, I implore you to give either the Flint or the Spark a try before you right off appendix carry as an option. The built in wedge coupled with the wing works extremely well. Build quality is second to none and at a very reasonable price compared to some of the other elite holster makers out there.

  19. Emmanuel (verified owner)

    Do yourself a favor and buy this holster, you won’t regret it. The pistol and light fits perfectly, they also cut all unnecessary kydex material to make it more comfortable. The quality and customer service are excellent. Highly recommend!

    Thanks for the note, Andrew. I will be recommending and buying more in the future.

  20. Scott (verified owner)

    Best holster I own. The quality, customer service, speed of delivery and attention to detail are second to none. I am so glad I found Henry Holsters while surfing Instagram. Fits my 509c tactical like a glove. I love the built in wedge and the claw. It adds an extra layer of concealment. I have been letting everyone know about Henry Holsters. I will definitely be buying more for my other pistols.

  21. Nick (verified owner)

    I purchased the Spark for a FN 509t and the streamlight 7a. I used the 1913-2 key to move the light slightly forward. This keeps the switches from obstructing the trigger guard. I was apprehensive at first that this holster would be too big or that I would have to go back to using my streamlight 7 to allow the pistol to seat further in the holster while keeping the trigger guard unobstructed. It fits great! The size of the holster helps keep everything stable. No shifting or flipping out over top of your waistline. My only complaint would be that the holes at the top of the holster are not compatible with my discreet carry concepts (DCC) mono block hardware.

  22. Nick (verified owner)

    I am absolutely thrilled with every aspect of my Spark holster. I have tried aiwb several times with other holsters and had pretty much given up on carrying in the appendix position. I purchased the spark as a last ditch effort, knowing that I had 30days to try it and return it if it didnt work out. Well, I was sold on day 1 of receiving the holster. Normally, I’d spend several hours adjusting and tweaking a new holster to fit how I wanted. The Spark took me about 6 minutes to dial in to a perfect fit and is without a doubt the most comfortable holster of any type that I have tried to date. Plus, I love that Andrew purposefully puts out accessories compatible with other common manufacturers. Five Stars all around.

  23. Greg

    I own both a Flint and a Spark, and I wouldn’t carry in anything else. I’m able to conceal my Glock 17 with no trouble at both appendix and 4 o’clock positions and both Holsters are very comfortable. I love the options for attachments, but prefer the pull the dot loops.

  24. Henry (verified owner)

    Excellent holster. Fits perfectly, very comfortable to wear all day, pistol clicks into place and retains really well. Best holster I’ve purchased, will be buying more. Also pretty cool to have a holster than comes with your name on it!

  25. Charles (verified owner)

    Very well made holster. I actually had an issue with mine which was due to a problem with my specific light, and Andrew immediately took the time to make sure it was not an issue with the holster. I would definitely recommend the Spark to anyone looking for an AIWB light-bearing holster. Great customer service and a very well made product.

  26. James (verified owner)

    Excellent AIWB holster. This is my second one. Quality is second to none, no sharp edges, generous suppressor height sights channel, optic cut that works with an SRO and a built in wedge that is effective, yet not obtrusive.

  27. Daniel mckeehan (verified owner)

    I ordered this holster to run a Glock 19 with a TLR 8. I’ve been issuing it for about a month now. I have a box of various holsters but the quality on this one surpasses the rest by far. You can tell you have a quality item just handling it and some serious thought went into the design. Overall I’m very pleased and I’ll be coming back again for future holster needs.

  28. Robert Halstead (verified owner)

    This is not a paid review! I’m very critical of my gear and don’t mind hurting some feeling if the gear/ holster is terrible I have concealed carried for years and this truly is the best holster I’ve used. I’ve used DSG, Tier 1, G-Code, etc and this has been the best and most comfortable. I rave about this holster to coworkers and other shooters in classes. Everyone thinks the same of “it’s too bulky” till they try it on. I’ve had several coworkers and shooters change their holster setup to this. I commonly wear my holster 8 hours a day and have had no problems. Conceals great and has amazing comfort. Highly highly highly recommend.

  29. Chris (verified owner)

    This is the only way I found to get a G19 aiwb holster with TLR-7a and ACTUAL “click” retention, and that alone is worth minimum 3 stars. It’s reasonably comfortable and having two clip points with adjustable height/cant is fantastic. The variable height wing is nice for both 3:30 and aiwb and the optic cut works with my irons-forward pistol. My only complaint is the hook design of the clips themselves can make it a royal pain to remove the holster from my belt at the end of the day.

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