Hipster – Beverage Holster

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The Hipster isn’t hard to understand. It’s simple. A belt carrier for cans or bottles of your beverage of choice. Super lightweight, with elastic cordage to ensure that your drink stays put. *It will keep your can in the carrier, but may not always keep the liquid in the can, if you get too rambunctious*

The included belt clip lets you quickly and easily attach The Hipster to your belt, your board shorts, your sweatpants, your kilt, whatever clothes-with-a-waistband you’re rocking.

Try the HiCap if you have an oversized thirst and need an oversized can. Fits most 24oz beverage cans.

The Hipster and HiCap let you go hands free at a moment’s notice, when there’s grilling to be done, or a pinata to massacre. You can also use it to carry an unopened reload, in case you get pinned down out the open, far from the cooler.


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Hipster (12oz bottles & cans), HiCap (24oz BIG cans)

1 review for Hipster – Beverage Holster

  1. Mark Jackson (verified owner)

    Picture this…it’s summer. You are having all your family and friends over. You are grilling multiple styles of meat while all the other dads in their Jean shorts and new balance shoes judge your every move. A bead of sweat drips from your brow as you realize it’s time for the hands free beverage solution. Now look at you, flipping burgers and toasting buns with both hands while your beer neatly rides on your hip. This holster allows your body to move freely around the grill while keeping both hands free and while staying hydrated. Every other dad stands there mouth open while they hold there beer in the hand watching you, the alpha male, take control of the grill. It’s like watching Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel or Mozart finish a symphony. You smile and take a sip knowing you have achieved ultimate dadhood and are the envy of the neighborhood.

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