On-Demand Cleanliness Dispensers in multiple colors
Posted: January 9, 2020Author: Will P SHOT Show is massive. Last year roughly 2,400 exhibitors showed up to cover 700,000 square feet of space (that equals about 12 football fields) at Las Vegas”™ Sands Expo and Convention Center. They set up shop over approximately 12 miles of booth aisles and hauled in more than 7 million pounds

Holster Terminology Explained

Browse our Holsters I wrote down a list of many of the holster related terms that can trip up new customers, and did a straight run through of them all giving as quick and clear an explanation as I could come up with on the fly. One take, no edits and no script, just a
Browse our Holsters It may sound selfish for a holster maker to write an article about how to be a great holster customer. Does it seem like I”™m trying to have my cake and eat it too? But the reality is that the vast majority of holster buyers will never be my customers, and the
Browse our DIY Holster Making Supplies I decided to organize this as a series of lists, rather than writing it out in paragraphs. If you want to add anything, please leave a comment! This isn”™t intended to be a comprehensive overview, but a distillation of the many conversations I”™ve had with other holster makers as
If you are a novice holster maker, click here to read “10 Things a Novice Holster Maker Should Know”. If you have some experience with holster making, read below for some of my personal tips. Browse our DIY Holster Making Supplies 1.    Economy of scale is real, but can be deceptive. Don”™t waste an hour to
If you are new to the world of holster manufacturing, then there are some steps you can take to make your life a little easier. Browse our DIY Holster Making Supplies 1.    You have time. Don”™t rush half-baked products to market. Develop your skills carefully, and deliver products that have been thoroughly tested. Wearing it around