Ember – AIWB/IWB Light bearing holster for sub-compact concealed carry


The Ember is a light-bearing holster built for the Streamlight TLR-7 Sub light*** (NOT compatible with the original TLR-7 or 7A).

Comes with a DCC Monoblock, attachment hardware and can be mounted to the PHLster LBE (using the Enigma hardware) Assembly Instructions

Available in P365/P365XL, P365-XMACRO, Springfield Hellcat, Springfield Hellcat Pro or G43x/48 railed models**


Additional Dual DCC Mod4 1.5 inch attachment kit sold separately.

***Light not included***

PHLster Enigma: You can now purchase your Ember fully assembled with a PHLster Enigma LB | Learn More

(29 customer reviews)

Ember DCC Mod4 Kit

Dual DCC Mod4 1.5 inch belt attachment kit (with hardware)

Vibra-Tite Threadlocker

Vibra-Tite VC-3: Our recommended solution for locking your holster hardware in place.

5ml, multi-use tube

PHLster Modular Wedge Kit

A variety of stackable shapes you can use in any combination or configuration to quickly and easily get optimal comfort and concealment results.

The PHLster Modular Wedge Kit* provides a variety of stackable shapes which you can use in any combination or configuration to quickly and easily get the comfort and concealment results you need, with no permanent modifications to the holster.

Each kit includes twelve wedge "modules" of various shapes, corresponding pre-cut hook tabs and two large pieces of adhesive loop; enough material to adjust two holsters plus a magazine carrier or knife sheath.

Find out more: Official PHLster Site


*Henry Holsters is an official licensed PHLster dealer


Compatibility Guide

Will not fit other model/light combinations (TLR7 or 7A, non SUB), any pistols with rail or trigger guard mounted adaptors, or aftermarket machined frames or slides.

Wilson Combat grip modules for the P365/ P365XL are compatible. 

The new P365 X Macro AXG Legion is NOT compatible.

Will accommodate any P365 / P365XL version with a manual safety.

Sig P365-XMACRO holster comes with our new Enhanced Macro Key for the TLR7-Sub that brings the switches closer by over 0.25in, compared to the stock 1913-3 rail key.

Sig P365-XMACRO must be used with the 1913 rail clamp, not the ‘Sig’ labeled rail clamp that is used by the P365 and P365XL.

NOT compatible with the P365 .380


Returns and Restocking Fee

If you don’t like your new holster, you may return it within 30 days, in “like new” condition, for a full refund, minus shipping and any incurred “Restocking Fee”. For more details please see our FAQs

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions N/A
Gun Model

Glock 48/43x, Sig P365/P365XL (*NOT P365 .380*), Sig P365-XMACRO, Springfield Hellcat (*NOT Hellcat Pro), Springfield Hellcat Pro (*NOT Hellcat)

29 reviews for Ember – AIWB/IWB Light bearing holster for sub-compact concealed carry

  1. Craig Wilson (verified owner)

    Love my ember. Using for a shadow systems cr920p and it fits perfectly.

  2. Steve Anderson (verified owner)

    Purchased the Ember for my 365 xMacro. I have tried about 8 other Kydex and Leather holsters and just wasn’t overly thrilled about any of them. The Ember is just beautiful in my opinion. Fit and finish is flawless. Has a nice tactical look to it. Never was a big fan of AIWB carry, but now I’m thinking I just never found a comfy enough holster to carry in that position. This holster solved that problem, and I have changed my carry position from 3:00 IWB to Appendix. My pistol has the TLR 7sub, 1913 mounted to it, and the included rail key puts it in the perfect spot with no slop prior to tightening the clamp down. Retention, drawing, and re-holstering are all perfect in my opinion. Decided to use the included DCC Monoblock belt clips that came with it instead of the Mod 4 clips I purchased. The Mono clips are the most secure clips I’ve ever laid my hands on! It’s almost a PITA to disengage them from my belt, which is actually ideal. Finally, I politely asked if they could ship ASAP so that I could receive it on a Friday (ordered late on a Wednesday) so that I could test it out at the range that weekend. It was in my hands Friday afternoon, so extra bonus points for the excellent customer service and fast shipping! I have since ordered a couple mag carriers and spare parts, and they shipped out the next morning. You can’t go wrong with this holster or this company. Buy in confidence!!

  3. Jesse Wise (verified owner)

    As a chubby dude i love this holster. And ive been running the flint thats a few years old and liked it a lot so naturally when i got the light for my 365xl i came back to Henry and got the ember. The ember carries so much better and can actually sit comfortably and bend over without the belly getting poked. I run the snaps and they still work great. Zero clearance issues with my hollosun 507K and true barrel as expected. And as a bonus i got stickers! Great work guys i thank you.

  4. Josh Brown (verified owner)

    Just received the ember for my sig p365 xmacro and I am in love. Needed a holster that would accommodate my TLR-7 Sub light and not only does it fit perfectly. The rail attachment was the perfect addition to a snug fit I was looking for after purchasing the light and seeing a visible gap. Sometimes it is the little things, and you as a company exceeded my expectations and will continue to purchase accessories through Henry Holsters as my collection grows. From the pre-shipping pictures to my door step I could not be happier. Thanks is an understatement.

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