POM Heat Shrink Installation Instructions

Thanks for purchasing genuine POM Pepper Spray from Henry Holsters. With each order we include a small piece of “heat shrink” to add to the pocket clip on your unit; this helps provide additional grip on the factory clip. Follow these simple instructions to install the heat shrink to your new POM Clip.

Step 1: Remove the heat shrink from the back of the packaging

Step 2: Remove the POM Clip from the blister packaging.

Step 3: Slide the heat shrink onto the clip portion of your POM Clip unit. (be sure it is all the way on the clip)

Step 4: Apply heat with a common lighter. Use a back-and-forth motion to apply even heat.

For 5-10 seconds apply heat to the heat shrink. It will shrink and form a tight bond to the POM Clip unit.

That’s it!

POM with Heat Shrink