Modlite Helios / Helios Hog

Assembly and maintenance instructions

The Helios and Helios Hog light carriers from Modlite and Henry Holsters come with three attachment options: 2in “Belt Bite” (for attaching to standard 2in duty belts), 2.5in “Belt Bite” (for 2.5in duty belts) and MOLLE Bite with a BladeTech MOLLE-Lok for attaching to MOLLE compatible systems.


All Helios and Helios Hog light carriers are designed to be durable and rugged. The screws and screw posts that come pre-installed in the Helios carriers arrive without thread-locking treatment to allow for adjustment and reconfiguration, however, once you have identified your ideal setup we recommend applying a thread-locking compound (like Vibra-Tite VC-3) to keep screws locked into position.


Helios carriers use a combination of  various lengths of “Flat Head Truss” screws (the MOLLE attachment version also uses 2, 1/4in Flat Head screws — the smaller screws used to attach the MOLLE-Lok to the adapter)

Screw Posts

Screws are attached to standard “screw posts” (see image). Helios carriers are assembled with varying post-length depending on the position so pay special attention to post size or length.

The Helios carrier may also include “Serrated” screw posts. These small posts have a textured serration on the underside of the post head to help grip the surface of the MOLLE Bite adapter.


Both “rigid” and rubber spacers are used in assemblies. Proper spacer placement is critical for proper spacing and retention on your Helios carrier and attachment hardware.

Adapter/”Belt Bite”

The custom-designed “Belt Bite” and “MOLLE Bite” are laser-cut from a flexible plastic material called Tegris. These parts should not be cut or modified. Tegris must be laser cut to ensure proper lamination integrity; even heat-sealing the edge will not preserve lamination and the adapter will begin to fray. 

Adjustment Instructions

Replacement Hardware Kit

Replacement Hardware Kit includes:

Green Bag

1/8in rubber spacers, 4x
3/16in rubber spacers, 4x

Light Blue Bag
1/8in serrated screw post, 4x
1/4in flat head truss screws, 4x

Yellow Bag
1/4in rubber spacers, 2x
3/8in flat head truss screws, 2x
1/4in screw posts, 2x

Red Bag
1/4in rubber spacers, 4x
3/8in flat head truss screws, 4x
1/4in screw posts, 4x

General Assembly Instructions

"Shell" Assembly