Project Files

As proponents of Lean manufacturing we are always looking for ways to simplify our lives and processes by eliminating wasted motion and wasted effort. We find ourselves, more and more, using our Raise3D Pro2 printer to create improvements for use around the shop. Feel free to download any of these files for your in your own shop.

Bandsaw Insert

Andrew Henry | January 2022

The small blade guide that came with our band saw was made out of steel, fit loosely and could easily pop out, hit the blade, cause damage, risk injury. The aftermarket cap wasn't any better. I designed and printed a cap that seats itself into the blade well so that there is less risk of it rattling around, popping out, etc. and designed-in a hole that captures a screw and washer driven from the underside of the saw table to better secure the cap.

Print time: 4 hours

Material cost: $0.45

Design time: 2 hours

TurboProp Competition Retention Knob
TurboProp Competition Retention Knob, under side