TurboProp Competition Retention Knob (5-pack)



The TurboProp is a retention adjustment knob designed for use on holsters and addresses many of the shortcomings of small diameter, knurled plastic or brass knobs that are often repurposed for holster use. Because of its larger diameter, the TurboProp provides more leverage for smoother, easier tightening, and the pronounced shape helps to create a firm grip that also gives instant tactile feedback about the movement of the knob. Each TurboProp comes as a set with a knob, a 7/8 combo head 8-32 screw, and a lock washer. Because the screw is a separate component from the knob, holster makers can swap out the screw for any other length or head style that they prefer for their specific holster design. The TurboProp is machined out of 6061 Aluminum, and ships with a tumbled finish.





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