Syndicate: Polymer 80
Syndicate: Polymer 80 Holster
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Syndicate: Polymer 80 Holster


The Syndicate, a collaboration between Agency Arms, PHLster and Henry Holsters, is the best IWB/AIWB, conceal-carry holster you can get; specially crafted and designed to perfectly fit your Glock pattern Polymer 80 build.

With industry leading DCC Monoblock clip for maximum stability and dependability, optic cuts, adjustable retention for a perfect fit and a single Griphook kit if you prefer to set it up for tuckable carry.

See why the Henry Holsters’ Syndicate is the best Polymer 80 holster you can get.

For Glock pattern Polymer 80 builds ONLY

(3 customer reviews)

**For Glock pattern Polymer 80 builds ONLY, fits PF940CV1 and PF940V2 Full Size**

**Available in Right Hand ONLY**

**PHLster Enigma Compatible, but requires their Fixed Retention Kit**

The Syndicate holster was a collaboration between Agency Arms, PHLster and Henry Holsters. After being out of production for most of 2020, we’re bringing it back with some hardware upgrades that make it even better! The DCC Monoblock clip is now standard, and the holster also comes with a single Griphook kit if you prefer to set it up for tuckable carry.

Optic cuts come standard, and the retention is adjustable so that you can dial the fit in on your specific P80 build.

As a general purpose IWB/AIWB, there is no molded wedge on the back, but you can roll your own out of yoga block foam, gel shoe inserts, or buy any of the premade wedge options that are available over at Dark Star Gear. 

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3 reviews for Syndicate: Polymer 80 Holster

  1. Greg Phillips (verified owner)

    This is a very high quality holster. The fit and finish is the best you can get.

  2. Freddie (verified owner)

    Well-made holster that’s perfect for a P80 Glock

  3. Sean Slater (verified owner)

    Admittedly I’ve always been a leather holster guy. This is the first kydex holster I’ve found to actually be comfortable. I removed the claw and wear it canted at 2:45-3 o clock as AIWB just doesn’t work for me.

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