Screw Post Remover


We built the Screw Post Riser for our own use at our assembly benches, because tightening thousands of screws every week can be a pain if you’re trying to align a stack of hardware with your holster shell and hold the screw post on the backside to prevent it from spinning at the same time. This is especially true if you’re using pre-patched screws that already have Nylok on their threads.

The SPR uses hardened 4140 steel inserts mounted in an aluminum riser for hand/holster clearance, and prevents rotation of a pair of screw posts. The spacing (0.6in/15mm) matches the Modwing and Modwing LB from Index Fastener. The inserts are machined to fit tightly into slotted posts from Index Fastener, but may not be compatible with all screws posts from other companies, depending on slot width and depth.

The SPR is especially useful when adjusting or removing hardware that has been threadlocked by the end user. Not all brands and grades of threadlocker are equally suitable for holster hardware, (we recommend Vibratite VC-3 to our customers), and the frustration of trying to loosen hardware that has been drowned in adhesive, or sealed with the wrong grade (here’s looking at you, Red Loctite 271), can ruin your whole day, but the SPR can help.



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Screw Post Remover

Hardened 4140 Steel Post-locks

Solid Aluminum Base with workbench mounting holes

Cork footpad

Made in USA

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Weight 6 oz

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  1. Brent (verified owner)

    Great! Fantastic idea and practical use that makes assembly easier. Highly recommended.

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