Oil Mist Eliminator for Robinair 15800


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***A single stage filter like this will not trap 100% of the oil mist coming out of your pump, but will significantly reduce the amount of mist compared to an unfiltered pump.***

This kit includes a filter housing, filter element, centering ring, clamp, adaptor and mounting screws.

This kit is ONLY intended for use on the Robinair 15800 and WILL NOT work on the 15500.

Installation is accomplished by removing the entire exhaust assembly from the pump, RETAINING the flat washer that was under the exhaust assembly, and then bolting the supplied adaptor into place using the three included 4x14mm screws. Once the adaptor is bolted down, place the centering ring and filter housing in place and tighten the clamp around the flanges to form a seal.

You can see a video of the kit installation on our Instagram page…

The kit will ship via USPS First Class.

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