Flint Compact – AIWB/IWB holster for sub-compact concealed carry

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Our minimalist, foldover style holster with loops that are made out of Biothane Super-Flex webbing, assembled in-house with genuine Pull-the-Dot snaps. The Concealment Kick on the back of the holster both tips the muzzle out away from body and rotates the grip in towards the user’s hip, improving concealment.

Flint Compact compatibility guide | here

PHLster Enigma: You can now purchase your Flint Compact fully assembled with a PHLster Enigma Standard | Learn More

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Vibra-Tite Threadlocker

Vibra-Tite VC-3: Our recommended solution for locking your holster hardware in place.

5ml, multi-use tube

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Check out the video below to learn more about the available attachment options for the Flint Holster.

The Flint is a minimalist, foldover style holster with loops that are made out of Biothane Super-Flex webbing, assembled in-house with genuine Pull-the-Dot snaps. The Concealment Kick on the back of the holster both tips the muzzle out away from body and rotates the grip in towards the user’s hip, improving concealment.


Compatibility Guide

Flint holsters are available only for right handed carry. We do not offer left handed holsters.

We do NOT recommend trying to carry a Shadow Systems CR920 in our Flint Compact holster. 

The Soft Loops w/ Tuckstrut version uses the TuckStrutTM attachment, which includes a built in wing to apply leverage to the holster and rotate the grip even tighter into the body. A holster with a Tuckstrut is tuckable only if you remove the second soft loop that is attached directly to the holster shell.

If you prefer Overhooks, select the DCC Mod4 1.5in w/ Modwing option which includes our modular concealment wing. Flint holsters’ blocking mounting pattern is compatible with Griphooks* and Overhooks from Raven Concealment, G Code, TacWare, Hazmat Holster Works and Discreet Carry Concepts.

On our Flint Compact holsters, both ride height and cant are adjustable, so these will perform very well both in AIWB and IWB Strongside positions.

Our P365/P365XL holsters in both Partial Guard and Full Guard versions are compatible with a thumb safety.

Our P365/P365XL holsters is NOT compatible with the P365 .380 or P365X Macro.

Our G48/43 holsters are compatible with all MOS railed frames.

All Flint Compact holsters are optics ready, and fit common optics from Trijicon, Aimpoint, Holosun, Leupold, Sig Sauer, Vortex, and Swampfox.

The open muzzle allows for threaded barrels and compensators to be carried without holster modification.

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*Flint Compact holsters are no longer available with 1.5in or 1.75in griphooks

Looking for a holster that’s compatible with a different gun? Let us know


Returns and Restocking Fee

If you don’t like your new holster, you may return it within 30 days, in “like new” condition, for a full refund, minus shipping and any incurred “Restocking Fee”. For more details please see our FAQs

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Gun Model

Glock 48/43x/43/MOS, Sig P365/P365XL/P365X (*NOT P365 .380 or P365X Macro*)


Dual Soft Loop with TuckStrut (Tuckable), Dual DCC Mod 4 1.5 Inch Universal w/ Modwing (+$20)


Full, Partial

27 reviews for Flint Compact – AIWB/IWB holster for sub-compact concealed carry

  1. Owen Gladu (verified owner)

    I have a Henry Holster for my Glock 19 and my P365XL. They are, hands down, the best holsters I’ve ever owned. The attention to detail on the little things, the quality of the materials and workmanship, and the customer service are all reasons why I recommend Henry Holsters to anyone who asks.

  2. David Johnston (verified owner)

    This review is for my Glock 48 flint holster. This is my 2nd Henry Holster and I could not be happier with the quality and design of the product. Henry holsters will securely hold your firearm so that you will be able to draw with a master firearm grip, and allows for the attachment of optics, suppressor height sights, and muzzle devices. The holster protects the trigger area and prevents the trigger from being accessed while in use which is super important for AIWB carry. The holster is comfortable to wear and designed to prevent printing by rotating the grip of the firearm towards the belly of the user. The discreet carry concept clips are worth the upgrade IMO. The DCC clips lock down on the belt and prevent any unwanted movement of the firearm. They’re so solid that you could even use the holster with joggers or athletic shorts as long as you cinch up the drawstring, although that’s probably not the way it was designed to be carried. 10/10 would buy again for other guns. If Henry makes a holster for your gun and you carry AIWB, this is the one to get, hands down!!

  3. Jeff Sanders

    Its a tight fit on my belt so it doesn’t move around but also can be difficult to remove. My pistol fits snugly into the holster and so far has excellent retention. I wear my pistol with fitting t shirts and it still doesn’t print. I’m a big fan of this holster and would recommend it to anyone.

  4. Matt (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a Flint for my P365XL and have been using it for a few weeks. So far, I love it! I have not used a high quality AIWB holster before, so this was new to me. The construction and quality are great, and you can immediately tell the attention to detail. The built in wedge is great, and I have not had any comfort issues, even with hours of driving. It has concealed very well, and I have lttle to no printing.
    Out of the box, I was concerned that the retention was a bit too strong, but dry fire put that fear to rest!
    I use mine with the DCC Mod 4 clips and the Modwing. During draw training, I was hitting my middle finger on the sharp edge of the Mod 4 clip as it can overhang into the space on the Modwing side of the holster. A quick adjustment with a screwdriver took care of that, and I haven’t had any issues since.
    I would buy it again!

  5. Lane (verified owner)

    AIWB holsters are very body specific. Not every holster out there is going to fit every person right out of the box. The holster has a decent amount of height and cant adjustment. Only thing i would change about hardware is to make the holster compatible with square nuts for the clip blocking in the slide, and possibly add backing for another clip on the slide, like the full size flint holster. I can understand why it doesn’t have this do to the compact and sleek design. I was able to make a spacer to offset a clip off of the modwing holes. This alllowed for better placement without belt loop interference. overall this holster does a good job of allowing the user to fit it to his/her body. The trigger guard coverage is excellent. It does not appear to bulge out at an angle when the gun is holstersrd, as some adjustable retention holsters can if not adjusted properly. This appears to be basically a G17 length holster, although I wish the integrated wedge would extend a little closer to the end of the holster. The wedge is flat and allows good surgace area to attach a bigger foam wedge if needed. I think this is the best holster on the market, when price, features, availability, and quality are all considered in a non-custom, production type holster.

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