Spark AIWB/IWB Light-Bearing Holster

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***All our Light-Bearing AIWB/IWB holsters now come standard with the ModWing L concealment wing.***

***All Spark holsters are fully compatible with the PHLster Light Bearing Enigma (LBE)***

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Check out the video below to learn more about the available attachment options for the Spark Holster.

***All our Spark Light-Bearing AIWB/IWB holsters now come standard with the ModWing L concealment wing.***

Spark holsters are available only for right handed carry. We do not offer left handed holsters.

The Spark is a minimalist, foldover style holster that attaches with two snap loops. The loops are made from Biothane Super-Flex webbing, and assembled in-house with genuine Pull-the-Dot snaps. The Concealment Kick on the back of the holster both tips the muzzle out away from body and rotates the grip in towards the user’s hip, improving concealment. Holsters for the X300, TLR1, and TLR7 have adjustable retention which can be fine tuned by the pair of screws next to the light-channel.

Our dual loop holsters are adjustable for both ride height and cant.

Holsters for the TLR7 are cut at the length of the light so they’ll cover the muzzle of a G19 or a standard FN 509, but a comped G19, a G17 or a 509T will extend beyond the open muzzle of the holster.

Our FN 509 holsters are compatible with the Tactical, Full Size, Midsize MRD and Compact MRD versions.

All of our Light-bearing holsters also have blocking to accept a pair of Griphook tuckable overhooks. You can add a pair of these overhooks along with the required hardware to attach them to any light-bearing holster order. Overhooks from Raven Concealment, G Code, TacWare, Hazmat Holster Works and Discreet Carry Concepts are also compatible with our mounting pattern.

All Spark holsters are optics ready, and fit common optics from Trijicon, Aimpoint, Holosun, Leupold, Sig Sauer, Vortex, and Swampfox.

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33 reviews for Spark AIWB/IWB Light-Bearing Holster

  1. Nick (verified owner)

    I purchased the Spark for a FN 509t and the streamlight 7a. I used the 1913-2 key to move the light slightly forward. This keeps the switches from obstructing the trigger guard. I was apprehensive at first that this holster would be too big or that I would have to go back to using my streamlight 7 to allow the pistol to seat further in the holster while keeping the trigger guard unobstructed. It fits great! The size of the holster helps keep everything stable. No shifting or flipping out over top of your waistline. My only complaint would be that the holes at the top of the holster are not compatible with my discreet carry concepts (DCC) mono block hardware.

  2. Nick (verified owner)

    I am absolutely thrilled with every aspect of my Spark holster. I have tried aiwb several times with other holsters and had pretty much given up on carrying in the appendix position. I purchased the spark as a last ditch effort, knowing that I had 30days to try it and return it if it didnt work out. Well, I was sold on day 1 of receiving the holster. Normally, I’d spend several hours adjusting and tweaking a new holster to fit how I wanted. The Spark took me about 6 minutes to dial in to a perfect fit and is without a doubt the most comfortable holster of any type that I have tried to date. Plus, I love that Andrew purposefully puts out accessories compatible with other common manufacturers. Five Stars all around.

  3. Greg

    I own both a Flint and a Spark, and I wouldn’t carry in anything else. I’m able to conceal my Glock 17 with no trouble at both appendix and 4 o’clock positions and both Holsters are very comfortable. I love the options for attachments, but prefer the pull the dot loops.

  4. Henry (verified owner)

    Excellent holster. Fits perfectly, very comfortable to wear all day, pistol clicks into place and retains really well. Best holster I’ve purchased, will be buying more. Also pretty cool to have a holster than comes with your name on it!

  5. Charles (verified owner)

    Very well made holster. I actually had an issue with mine which was due to a problem with my specific light, and Andrew immediately took the time to make sure it was not an issue with the holster. I would definitely recommend the Spark to anyone looking for an AIWB light-bearing holster. Great customer service and a very well made product.

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